Mittwoch, 3. September 2008

EKON 12 - with a compiler engineer from CodeGear!

Today I visited the page of EKON12, the german conference for Delphi and all the other stuff from CodeGear. And, wooow, there are in the Delphi - area two very, very interesting sessions with Barry Kelly, who is one of the software engineers working on the Delphi compiler at Embarcadero's CodeGear.

Here are the details from the EKON-page:

New Delphi for Win32 language features

Barry Kelly - CodeGear

This session provides an overview of the new Delphi language features for RAD Studio 2009 - Unicode, generics and anonymous methods, and some intermediate and more advanced usage scenarios, including generic collections and concurrency idioms enabled by anonymous methods.

Advanced anonymous method and generics usage

Barry Kelly - CodeGear

This session covers more advanced usage scenarios for anonymous methods and generics. For anonymous methods, it will show a survey of closure-passing idioms as well as uses in threading: marshalling, futures, parallel-loop constructs. For generics it will be about escaping from constraint limitations via helper interfaces.

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