Freitag, 29. Februar 2008

Blackfish SQL and InterBase from CodeGear

I attend on the EKON12-spring conference this week, like every year. One of my sessions covered about Blackfish SQL, the new database from CodeGear. In the discussion inside the session and after the session in the exhibition-area of the conference I realized that not all have understood the differences between these two databases.

I’ll try to explain it in this blog.

First: InterBase isn’t deprecated! The InterBase-Team works in Scotts Valley on this unmanaged database for the OS Windows, Linux and Solaris (Sparc).

Second: Blackfish SQL is a database for the both frameworks, .net from Microsoft and Java from Sun.

secret It’s not really new, it’s IMO version 8 of JDataStore and this mean you will get a very stable and optimized database! /secret

Well, if you’re a native-win32 developer your first impression is perhaps: “I use InterBase on Windows” and the Blackfish SQL for .net is only for a or with an provider interesting. This isn’t correct.

Codegear of published an interesting article (FAQ) about Blackfish SQL.

Blackfish SQL for .net is ideally suited for

• data storage
• embedded .net application
• Delphi application (Win32 and

Blackfish SQL for java is ideally suited for
• Java data storage,
• Embedded Java Swint/SWT apps,
• Java application

InterBase 2007
• Workgroup to Small Enterprise Databaseapplications
• Embedded Apps

OS / Framework

Blackfish SQL for .net

  • .net framework (at the moment not for the available but I expect a version for this)

Blackfish SQL for Java

  • Java Framework from a big server to a cellphone with JavaVM

InterBase 2007

  • Windows, Linux, Solaris (Sparc) and, new(!), MacOS X


Blackfish SQL for .net

  • Delphi 2007 ( for .net2 Framework); and C#/

Blackfish SQL for Java

  • JBuilder and other Java-IDEs

InterBase 2007

  • SQL

Case IDE of (in my Blog I can use the Case with strings… I miss it in Delphi! Nick, I would buy a big bavarian beer for this feature :-) )

  • Delphi for PHP -> InterBase 2007
  • 3rd Rail / Ruby -> InterBase 2007
  • RAD Studio 2007 / -> Blackfish SQL for .net or InterBase 2007
Win32 -> Blackfish SQL for .net or InterBase 2007

  • JBuilder -> Blackfish SQL for Java or InterBase

You see, both databases have special areas and IMO makes both databases sense because with this YOU can make the choice for the best solution for your customer!

Well, after this short explain of BF <> IB I’ll blog in the next few weeks about more information’s and experience with Blackfish SQL for .net in my blog.

And if you wonder about the "Why BF, compared with other databases on the (.net/Java)-market": There are many reasons and I collect these and will make another blog with answers about this question....(next week )

Stay tuned.

In April I make in Germany a one-day-training with the content “dbx4 (2/3 of the day) and Blackfish SQL for .net (1/3 of the day) @Entwickler-Akademie near Frankfurt.

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008

Nevrona have announced Rave 8 today!

Nevrona Designs have announced today the Rave 8 version! NEWS

And they've sent a email to all registered RAVE BEX users, see later the text of the email.

IMO is the Architect-version very interesting because you'll get the EUDL-license for your customer to modify the reports and you'll get the Rave Report Server with unlimited user.
A first-step-article about Rave-Server you'll find here (about V5, I'll update the article asap ).


Rave Reports 8.0 Announced
We're happy to announce the release of Rave Reports 8.0 in March, 2008.

Rave Reports 8.0 will be available in 2 new flavors, Developer and

Both Developer and Architect will include the Win32 and VCL.NET components
and will support Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, C++Builder 4, 5 & 6, BDS 2005, 2006 and
RAD Studio 2007.

Rave Reports Architect will further include a license to ship an end user
version of the Rave Reports visual designer with your applications (EUDL)
and an unlimited user version of the Rave Reports Server.

Between now and the release of Rave Reports 8.0, we are offering significant
discounts on pre-order upgrades to all current owners of Rave Reports.

The pre-order prices are as follows:

Rave Reports Developer 8.0: $99 (lists for $299)
Rave Reports Architect 8.0: $199 (lists for $599)

Pre-orders can be placed by visiting

These discounts are our way of thanking our loyal customers who have
supported Nevrona Designs for the 13 years we have been in the Borland and
CodeGear markets. If you are still using an older version of Rave Reports
this is a great opportunity to upgrade to the latest and greatest features
and functionality.

Nevrona Designs Unicode policy
In line with CodeGear's recent announcement of Unicode support, Nevrona Designs is
announcing our intention to fully support Unicode as soon as the technology
is released by CodeGear.

Nevrona Designs has a long history of quickly supporting new technologies
with Rave Reports as they have been released by CodeGear (and previously
Borland). We are quite excited about the impact Unicode support will have
on Rave Reports and our support for many new languages and applications
around the world.

Thanks for your support!

Nevrona Designs -
1-888-776-4765 (Toll Free in U.S. and Canada)
1-480-491-5492 (U.S.)

Last Call for EKON SPRING next week

Like on the airport: This is the last call for EKON SPRING ....

I hope to see a lot of delphi developers on the first spring edition of the EKON in Frankfurt next week again. This is my 11th EKON (I've haven't attend only in sep2001) and it's every year a great event with news from Scotts Valley, other Delphi Developers and interesting face-to-face-talks.

I've finished my slides today on the ICE for my session about the database "BlackfishSQL" and beside this topic I'll talk about Rave and the "Oracle of Delphi" (this slides are ready, too).