Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

Blackfish SQL deployment license is changed ...

CodeGear have in the RAD Studio 2007 (and JBuilder, but this isn't my world) the new database Blackfish SQL for the .net-Framework included. BF in the package is not only a developer edition it's a real deployment licences with some (IMO small) restrictions. I've written some informations about this database here some weeks ago.
Beside the "big" restriction (Memory, Storage-Size, connection-limit and remote/local) CodeGear have included a text about the one (1) CPU on the destination machine. This text "provided each computer has only one (1) CPU" has been removed from sections 2.2(a) and 2.2(b).

This are great news, not only that the CPU-text is removed, the bigger news is for me, that CodeGear listen to the Customer AND had made a fast decision to help us, the developer who works and develop with Rad Studio, dbx4 and BlackfishSQL.

Congrat CodeGear to this sign!

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008

PageNumInit in Rave

I'm near the finish of my Rave-Book. At the moment there are two chapters not ready: Rave Scripting and Rave with VCL for the web (or better known of IntraWeb). I'll include the new features of Rave 8 for the scripting (with the new debug options and more) and I must look into IntraWeb.

I've received a question from a company, where I made some weeks ago a Rave-training, about the PageNumber. The report should start on overy group-header with the page-number 1 and increment till the next group-header will printed. I've made a short example to demonstrate the solution. But the PageNumInit-component can do more, I've added in the meantime this chapter with the other the possibilites.

Important is the correct order of the components in the tree on the right side!!

The rav-file is here for downloading, you need only the good old BDE with the DBDemos-alias and there the orders.db-table, that's all. I've used the DriverConnection inside the Rave-Project, meaning no TTable is needed. But Rave BE - users must open the RAV-file with the running Delphi-IDE.

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008

Borland Object Vision 2 ...

At the moment everybody write about the Embarcadero-deal.
I have a big advantage: I make Oracle-trainings and demonstrate since 2000 or so the products from Embarcadero in the trainings and can pronounce the word correct ...
I'm happy with this new constallation! I think with this combination we'll get in the future a lot of powerful tools for db-work, Delphi for writing db-applications, db-admin and developing tools and this remembered me on a discussion with Nick Hodges in autumn 2006 in Scotts Valley (a sunny day in the forest of northern California). I tried to explain that Delphi is like a swiss knife, you can use it for every type of restaurant, picknick, survival-tour and so on. But if you go to a steak-house or a fish-restaurant (e.g. in Santa Cruz on the coast) you'll get special knifes and not a general knife... With this deal I hope we'll get from Code_and_Database_Gear some special (db-)knifes to create db-oriented application. And Delphi is and will be the best db-oriented IDE. With this IMO it's possible that many developers stays AND new developers will go with Delphi in the db-future .... and I hope to see this year a DBArtisan-Version for BlackfishSQL ....

But back to the topic.... Anyone remember "Borland Object Vision" ??

I reorganize at the moment my homeoffice and found a great treasure: Object Vision from Borland 1992. It's a long time ago and on the package is the old address from Borland included.
I tried to install it on my XP-workstation and, yeah, it works like in the good old past. Now I have a QuadCore with 3 GHz in 1993 I had a Pentium Pro (I think so) with 200 MHz. No
compare with the speed now....
I loved this application, my way from the DOS-Pascal to the Windows Programming. David I had forgot this tool in his 25-years-blog ....

Okay, you can't compare this with a real IDE or a programming language. The result for the customers was a form-oriented application with Paradox in the Background and a event-oriented developement. Don't forget: 1992, over 16 years old, older then Delphi 1 on Windows 3.1x

Here from the example-folder some impressions of Object Vision. You'll see the events-area, the paradox-engine (not BDE, older ....).