Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Nevrona Rave 8 ....

Hi all,

believe it or not, I've the Rave 8 version here in my VMware-Machine with Delphi 2010 and Delphi 2007...
Jim told me, that this is the RC-candidate, meaning that the member of TeamNevrona test at the moment the version and the release-date is very close.... Installed and worked well in Delphi 2007 and Delphi 2010 here.

Please don't ask me why exactly the release of Version 8 had needed so long ....
Nevrona Design will sending out an email to every Rave8-customer very soon with the detail-informations about download, serial....

Beside this Jim Gunkel promised me that the website and the communication will be re-activated after the "suspend"-mode in the last timeframe.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

DELPHI-IDE and the Virus INDUC.A... !!!

Some days ago I read in a german-page an information about infected Delphi 4.0-7.0 IDE ...
Well, I work with Delphi 2007-2009 and only from my legal version, no hack or anything else, I have a good (I hope..) virus-scanner. And in the hot summer this information is for the press a thing that they can publish ..

But today I realize that this can be a real problem... in one of our department is an application active (from a card-machine vendor) that is written in Delphi. Every virus-alert I receive from the virus-server over email and this is the mail from this night (after update the pattern from TrendMicro and) while the backup runs and copy the folder to the ultrium-drive:

Well, the application is definitly with the virus infected and the vendor of the application have admited: yes, they have an infected Delphi active ...

result: be carefull with other applications in your network.... and update the virus-pattern...

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. August 2009 22:23
Betreff: Viren/Malware entdeckt

Virus/Malware: PE_INDUC.A
Computer: WALLY
Domäne: Domlla
Datei: D:\app_folder...\Data$$$$$$$Service.exe
Datum/Zeitpunkt: 20.08.2009 22:22:29
Ergebnis: Es wurde ein Virus entdeckt. Quarantäne nicht möglich.
Virus/Malware: PE_INDUC.A
Computer: WALLY
Domäne: Domlla
Datei: D:\$$$$$\Classic.dll
Datum/Zeitpunkt: 20.08.2009 22:22:30
Ergebnis: Quarantäne
Virus/Malware: PE_INDUC.A
Computer: WALLY
Domäne: Domlla
Datei: D:\$$$$$$\G$$$$$.dll
Datum/Zeitpunkt: 20.08.2009 22:22:35
Ergebnis: Quarantäne
Virus/Malware: PE_INDUC.A
Computer: WALLY
Domäne: Domlla
Datei: D:\$$$$$$\$$$$$$ctor.exe
Datum/Zeitpunkt: 20.08.2009 22:22:40
Ergebnis: Quarantäne
Virus/Malware: PE_INDUC.A
Computer: WALLY
Domäne: Domlla
Datei: D:\$$$$$\paycon.dll
Datum/Zeitpunkt: 20.08.2009 22:22:40
Ergebnis: Quarantäne

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Delphi and Oracle ....

Next month I will make a training here in Germany about Delphi and Oracle.
Delphi Developers can choose between many databases on the market available, both commercial and freeware. Embarcadero offers InterBase and BlackfishSQL, both are really great. But in many discussions with customers we often hear that another database then the "house-database" isn't "good", the zero- or low-administration isn't an argument for them. The reason is usually that the administrative effort is very high when several databases are used on the network (backup, ressources, patch-installation, update). Oracle is very often used in big environments and then it's good when the developer can say: "Oracle database, no problem" ....
I will open the door to this database, explain the basics, what is different to smaller databases and what are good db-tools to connect and work with Oracle. Well, we have with the DatabaseGear-part of Embarcadero really great opportunities.
Perhaps we'll see us in Frankfurt in August, or in October in San Francisco on the OpenWorld2009-conference.

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

BlaisePascal magazine - special edition -

since today is a special edition from the BlaisePascal Magazine available.
This is a special issue with over 100 pages and is for free.

Samstag, 16. Mai 2009

DelphiLive - where legend meets tomorrow...

The main conference have yesterday finished.
We've get a lot of news from the developers "behind the code of Delphi". A great "zip-version" is here and I'll not repeat it in my posts (except that I use a MacBook and happy about ProjectX ....).
Beside all the informations it's everytime great to see on all on a face-to-face-conferences and make new experience on the talks with many friends of the Delphi-community (where I spend many conferences and so on for the last 14 years). Hopefully see you next year here in US again!

Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

Rave 7.6.2 for Delphi 2009 is available...

after a long time it's ready and available:

the 7.6.2 patch for Rave BE for Delphi 2009. Especially the Scripting is working again and some other important things works now....

And now I'll start my session-work for the delphilive-conference in San Jose :-)

Samstag, 7. März 2009

Delphi and Oracle

In may I make a 1-day training for the german entwickler-akademie with the subject "Delphi and Oracle".
I'll explain the database "Oracle" for developers with some dba-secrets, connecting Delphi 200x with Oracle-databases and more.
I love (and work of course) InterBase and BlackfishSQL, but many companies or authorities have Oracle in use and won't "insert" another database in the network / on the servers...
I will show that Oracle is a normal database and not a mystical software-product for dba-professionals only on this training. Introducing the architecture of Oracle, understanding the communication form the delphi-app with the database over the ora-client (and the oracle instantclient, which works with dbx4...) and creating trigger and stored procedures with PL/SQL, a pascal-like language.

Beside this Oracle-stuff I'll use and demonstrate dbx4 and show some secrets of this framework, like the handling of streams with dbx4:

FileStream := TFileStream.Create(EInfoPDF.Text, fmOpenRead);

Last week I finished a small (db-)application with Delphi and dbx4 and it's pretty easy to send (pdf)files into the database with dbx4 ...

And after this training I'll fly to California...
Why: A face-to-face conference for all Delphi-Developers around the world .... (great news that in US is a conference again ...)

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Rave AddOns

Many developers have noticed that the Nevrona-Page isn't at the moment ready to use.
Especially the AddOn's aren't available. I've created a link-list to download the files from the

Rave 5:

Rave 5.0 5.1 6 7

Rave 5.0 5.1 6 7

Rave 5.0 5.1 6 7

Rave 5.0 5.1 6 7

EAN8 Barcode
Rave 5.0 5.1 6 7


Advantage 6 7

If a link is broken please insert a comment here, thx!

And after release of Rave 8 Nevrona Design will activate the homepage again and this blog-entry will be obsolete;

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Rave and the old preview...

Rave have since version 3 the same preview-form. Many users of Rave don't understand why it's not with a newer design available. 
First the BEX users have the complete source and on the other side (for BE-users and corporate-design-developers) you have with Delphi and Rave all the flexibility you need for your own preview in your application-form, with your look&feel.

In the following example you see how easy an own preview in your form is:
You must only insert a TScrollBox from Delphi and instead of the RvSystem the RvNDRWriter for the engine of your RvProject. To render the report into the scrollBox you need the RvRenderPreview-component from the Rave-register;

you can insert the componenta on your form or create on runtime:
      RvRenderPreview1: TRvRenderPreview;
    RvNDRWriter1: TRvNDRWriter;
    RvRenderPreview1 := TRvRenderPreview.Create(Self);
    RvNDRWriter1 := TRvNDRWriter.Create(Self);

Now you can show the report inside your application and don't need a special (old) form ...

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  MeinNDRStream: TMemoryStream;
  MeinNDRStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
  RvProject1.Engine := RvNDRWriter1;
  with RvNDRWriter1 do
    StreamMode := smUser;
    Stream := MeinNDRStream;
  // the report is now written into the TMemoryStream;
  // you can use the report for many things without regenerate
  // the report again!
  // e.g. preview, print and render into PDF/HTML or whatelse

  MeinNDRStream.Position := 0;

  with RvRenderPreview1 do
    ScrollBox := ScrollBox1;
    NDRStream := MeinNDRStream;

 MeinNDRStream.Position := 0;
// here I use the report again for rendering into a pdf-file
// without regenerate it again ...  
  // with RenderPage you can define a page and only 
  // this page is   rendered:

To navigate in your report you have the following possibilities:

  RvRenderPreview1.LastPage := RvRenderPreview1.Pages;
  RvRenderPreview1.FirstPage := 0;

Here you get the total pages outside Rave: