Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Time to say “Goodbye“

It‘s for me time to say goodbye ... don‘t worry, not to Delphi!

I‘m a long time user of Rave Reports and a TeamNevrona member since 2002. Many know me from the newsgroups or met me on conferences and so on. During those years, I gave more than 50 trainings and a lot of reporting-sessions on conferences in Europe and the US about Rave Reports.

I really love the power of RAVE Reports, but must admit that Rave has a high learning curve for developers who come from another report engines. In my trainings I tried to open „the door into Rave“ and I got a lot of positive feedback over the years from many attendees. All my reports in my applications use Rave and customers are happy with the performance and quality.
But I noticed (like many others, I get every weeks many emails from Rave-users all over the world ) that it seems that Nevrona Design does not have the power to publish a stable Rave8 version or a BE-version for Delphi 2009 / 2010 which I can use in a production environment with complex reports ... (I don‘t talk about a new IDE, which they have announced in 2007, I mean only the support of Unicode and so on, the IDE is another story which I don‘t comment upon right now).

It is unfortunate....

I‘ll move on to a new reporting engine with my change to Delphi 2010. But believe me, it‘s not an easy way to take, however, I see no alternatives at the moment. A lot of developers must stay with Delphi 2007 or older because they need a stable Rave BEX with their additional components or customized sources, like me.
More than two years we are anticipating the release of Rave 8, yet Nevrona Design has not published a stable version. I‘m in the situation to switch to Delphi 2010 with the really cool Datasnap-Framework and I need a stable reporting engine.
I‘ve ordered FastReport 4.9 and have made my first steps in FR in the last weeks...

I‘ll not update this blog in the future, only one new thread about my new blog will be coming in the next couple of weeks. The content of the new blog will be focused on Delphi & SQL-language & Database development (well, I‘m a database-junkie since over the last 20 years now).

stay tuned...

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Rave - Localization - Setup and Preview-Form

It seems that the Nevrona Server haven't all files from the Tip&Trick-Page.

I've received this week two emails with the "I miss the zip-file from Tip #72".
Well, here is the zip-file to download.
In the next link you see, how easy you can write your own preview without the old-style Preview from Rave BE(X) (many developers in my trainings define the built-in forms "ugly"...) in your application. Link