Samstag, 21. Juli 2007

iPod Protection against theft

My brother-in-law have sent me today a funny link for the security of my iPod.
Funny the idea with a Zune to secure the iPod....
I admit that I love my iPod (o.k. exactly I have in the meantime two of these cool music player) and use especially the shuffle for hearing my Huey Lewis and the News songs (only this artist is on my shuffle with 512KB mem) ...
With a cool design, cool features, good quality and a good marketing you can win in the windows-market new users; but you must offer not only the player, all the additions around equal important then the other keys! Please, CodeGear learn from the iPod-success and Delphi will get the success which this cool and productive IDE and the Pascal-language have earned, it's not to late for this. If the pascal-language haven't advantage the C#-Architect Anders Heijlsberg didn't include a lot of AlGol/Pascal/Modula into the language C#...

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2007

alternative to YouTube

I found yesterday a great alternative to youToube: Dailymotion ....
Better quality of the videos/sound and IMO better videos then yT, and in my area where I searched better movies of

Montag, 9. Juli 2007

CodeGear Delphi.PHP and Borland IntraBuilder

well, it's over ten years old and I admit that I don't work with IntraBuilder anymore, meaning it's here@home not a software, it's a shelf-ware

Who knows this IDE ? I think less people....but I'm not alone : Dr.Dobbs have an article about this from 2001.

This product was a cool and powerful designed JavaScript IDE that was clearly ahead of its time, like other tools from Scotts Valley:
ObjectVision from Borland, a great tool to move from DOS ot Windows AND to the basics of objectoriented working.

10 Years ago there was an IDE for JavaScript that puts the likes of Adobe Dreamweaver or ActiveState Komodo to shame, believe me. Okay, not the full AJAX but
IntraBuilder would have been a natural testbed for testing early HTTPRequest and other AJAX framework ideas.

With the new spirit in Scotts Valley (I love this area and hope to visit SV again) and the loyal customers around the world they can go into this area with Delphi.PHP and Ruby, it's not to late but after the splash of the availability of Delphi.PHP I wait for the waves in the internet-area...
Andreano have insert in his blog great ressources to read and learn about the possibilites, try the examples with the Trialversion!