Freitag, 29. August 2008

Delphi Code Camp

At the end of September there will be yet another Delphi Code Camp which is always organized by the "Entwickler Akademie". Last time, we dealt with exactly one topic per day. These topics were Vista, VCL for the Web, Multithreading, Reporting and some others. This time, we will start with two trainers on the first day. They will talk about Object-oriented programming. A lot of developers working with Delphi every day, do not realize the full power of OOP.

The two other days will have two different tracks. I really enjoy trainings with Delphi Developers and will talk about reporting in Delphi 2009. Especially with regard to Unicode, DBX4, Blackfish (as well as some other database systems). Nevrona Rave will be my main focus as it will be bundled with Delphi 2009 yet again. This talk can be applied to older Delphi versions as well, only the Unicode specific features are exclusive to Delphi 2009.

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