Mittwoch, 27. August 2008

Rave and CRLF......

Last weekend I've developed on an application with reports and there I need CRLF inside Rave Scripting... (Beside the application I've updated the rave-script-chapter of my RaveBook (sometimes it will be ready, promised ))

If you need a CRLF in the Rave Script there is at the moment no way to use "our" delphisyntax with #13#10..... you must know C ...

In the OnBeforePrint-event of the Memocomponent is the following correct:

Memo1.Text := 'Information 1' + \13\10 + 'Information 2';

But beside this solution is another, more Delphi / Pascal-like way. You can define in your application a paramter like


in the Ravescript you can use the parameter :

Memo1.Text := 'Information 1' + RaveProject.GetParam('CRLF') + 'Information 2';

In the codebased-area have Nevrona included the CRLF very easy:

With Sender as TBaseReport do begin


Print('the line after 2 empty lines');


PrintCenter('next line ',Pagewidth/2);


and so on ....

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Anonym hat gesagt…

My English and my German are very very bad.

Epson printers use ESC/POS language.

This command ESC!n (0 <= n >= 255) set print mode. How can I use it in Rave like 'CRLF'?

I've tried but no works.