Dienstag, 30. September 2008

Back from California ....

Two weeks ago I spent some days in Scotts Valley, visited the HQ of CodeGear there again and last week I attend the oracle conference "Oracle OpenWorld 2008" in San Francisco.

Big, Grand, Huge, Oracle.
With more then 43.000 attendes was this a really big conference in downtown of SF ....

I spent a lot of time on sessions and on talks in the exhibition halls (yeah, I visited Embarcadero in Moscone south and talked to DavidI and AndersO).
On some sessions the speakers are afraid and worked only with powerpoint and prepared movies, no live coding :-(

Very interesting is IMO the idea and architecture of Oracle Beehive, meaning that Oracle plan a solution like Microsoft Sharepoint. The future will show the how it compared against Sharepoint and the market will accept/support this and not like the old unsuccessfull OCS from Oracle.
the secret "the X is comming" opened Larry Ellision on his keynote. The "exadata" combination from HP and Oracle should realize performance for (big) databases; we'll see it.
IMO moves Oracle with this from the virtualization to application-grid technology. Not that virtualization is out for Oracle but the combination from hardware and software and database have another focus.
It is sometimes interesting that a big company like Oracle publish solution like SecureFiles for the database that are a long time available in smaller databases, like BlackfishSQL (calles Filestreams) from CodeGear.

All in all it was a great experience for me and I hope to attend on the next OOW in October 2009 again.

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