Freitag, 11. April 2008

Thomas Pfister: A huge thank you to Bruno Fierens and TMS Software!

Due to recent blog postings about TMS Software and their Ribbon Toolbar Component set I do feel the need to state a few things about a fellow CodeGear Technology Partner.

I know Bruno for a long time, I've visited trainings from Bruno (IIRC in Frankfurt) and know some products from TMS. Everybody has realized in the last few months that the Delphi-area is not prospering like 12 years ago and the number of 3rd-party tools companies is significantly lower than 10 years ago. TMS - Software is one of THE software-companies which support Delphi. Well, this is not enough for a blog, but TMS is one of the few companies which supports not only Delphi Win32. They do support VCL.NET, ASP.NET and the VCL for the Web (better known as "IntraWeb"). This is IMO not very often the case in the Delphi-area.
Beside the support of all these plattforms, TMS creates new components and, if it makes sense, buy other components to integrate them in the TMS-products like the TNT Unicode-components from Troy.

I've noticed all the blogging and, please, Cool down!!
Don't forget: we're a small, active, friendly and healthy community and this should be the case in the future. It makes no sense to build to split up into different groups! Everybody here is a developer and no developer has made bugless-software and it is always a process of optimizing a first product and make it more "complete".


JoeH hat gesagt…

Completely agree! Bruno's Delphi support has been phenomenal through the years.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I agree, Bruno and TMS are great. Pity that Daniel WhatsHisName is not man enough to show the comments to his one-sided story as he promised. Richard