Sonntag, 13. April 2008

Rave BE and Windows Vista

I received last week an email about problems with Rave BE and Windows Vista. I installed a version of Vista in VMWare and then Delphi with Rave BE.

Rave Version 8 (it should be available in the next few days!) works with Vista, of course.
Rave BE and BEX < 8 works with Vista, too

If you have problems try the following:

Rave BE is installed in the same directory structure as the version of Delphi was. In general, this will be the "c:\Programme" here in Germany or "c:\Program Files" in english. To attempt to resolve the Windows Vista security restrictions, you need to make sure that your "Group" or "User Name" has the "Full Control" permissions set to "Allow".

  1. Go to Program Files directory where you install the CodeGear / Borland product Program File\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0
  2. Highlight RaveReports
  3. Right Click on RaveReports and Open properties
  4. Click the Security Tab
  5. Select your own user name from the list displayed
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Select your own uses name again
  8. Go to the "Permissions for Users" dialogue box
  9. Click the 'Full Control' Allow box
  10. Click Apply
  11. accept all the prompts
In my next post I'll explain the steps for Rave Reports BEX (Borland Edition eXtended) versions 7 or earlier.


Andreas Hausladen hat gesagt…

> In general, this will be the "c:\Programme" here in
> Germany or "c:\Program Files" in english.

That's not correct. Under Vista all localizations use the "C:\Program Files" directory. The Windows Explorer just translates the displayed name but if you want to work with the directory, you must use "Program Files".

thomas pfister hat gesagt…

thanks for the info (I admit that I work normally with XP "only"); but my ordered Thinkpad have Vista Ultimate and end of the week I will work with Vista (or format and downgrade).