Sonntag, 30. März 2008

Delphi Code Camp in April in Frankfurt

In April is the next Delphi Code Camp here in Germany, organized by the Entwickler-Akademie.
On the last Code Camp in December 07 in Munich I talked about Rave Reports from Nevrona Designs. In the next Code Camp I'll talk (and make live coding, of course) about dbx4, the new database-framework from CodeGear (2/3 of the day) and on the other 1/3 of the day I talk (and make practice) about Blackfish SQL, the new database from CodeGear for the .net Framework. I know a lot of developers who still uses the "good old BDE" from Borland but it's time to change....dbx4 and Blackfish SQL are great solution for the change from BDE / Pardox or dBase.

Beside my database-dayon the other days are sessions about Delphi and Vista, Delphi and multithreading and the VCL for the Web.

You'll see on the code camp a lot of practice for your daily work with Delphi and I hope we'll see us on the Code Camp in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt in April!
btw: the sessions will be in German.

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