Samstag, 7. März 2009

Delphi and Oracle

In may I make a 1-day training for the german entwickler-akademie with the subject "Delphi and Oracle".
I'll explain the database "Oracle" for developers with some dba-secrets, connecting Delphi 200x with Oracle-databases and more.
I love (and work of course) InterBase and BlackfishSQL, but many companies or authorities have Oracle in use and won't "insert" another database in the network / on the servers...
I will show that Oracle is a normal database and not a mystical software-product for dba-professionals only on this training. Introducing the architecture of Oracle, understanding the communication form the delphi-app with the database over the ora-client (and the oracle instantclient, which works with dbx4...) and creating trigger and stored procedures with PL/SQL, a pascal-like language.

Beside this Oracle-stuff I'll use and demonstrate dbx4 and show some secrets of this framework, like the handling of streams with dbx4:

FileStream := TFileStream.Create(EInfoPDF.Text, fmOpenRead);

Last week I finished a small (db-)application with Delphi and dbx4 and it's pretty easy to send (pdf)files into the database with dbx4 ...

And after this training I'll fly to California...
Why: A face-to-face conference for all Delphi-Developers around the world .... (great news that in US is a conference again ...)

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