Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Rave and the old preview...

Rave have since version 3 the same preview-form. Many users of Rave don't understand why it's not with a newer design available. 
First the BEX users have the complete source and on the other side (for BE-users and corporate-design-developers) you have with Delphi and Rave all the flexibility you need for your own preview in your application-form, with your look&feel.

In the following example you see how easy an own preview in your form is:
You must only insert a TScrollBox from Delphi and instead of the RvSystem the RvNDRWriter for the engine of your RvProject. To render the report into the scrollBox you need the RvRenderPreview-component from the Rave-register;

you can insert the componenta on your form or create on runtime:
      RvRenderPreview1: TRvRenderPreview;
    RvNDRWriter1: TRvNDRWriter;
    RvRenderPreview1 := TRvRenderPreview.Create(Self);
    RvNDRWriter1 := TRvNDRWriter.Create(Self);

Now you can show the report inside your application and don't need a special (old) form ...

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  MeinNDRStream: TMemoryStream;
  MeinNDRStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
  RvProject1.Engine := RvNDRWriter1;
  with RvNDRWriter1 do
    StreamMode := smUser;
    Stream := MeinNDRStream;
  // the report is now written into the TMemoryStream;
  // you can use the report for many things without regenerate
  // the report again!
  // e.g. preview, print and render into PDF/HTML or whatelse

  MeinNDRStream.Position := 0;

  with RvRenderPreview1 do
    ScrollBox := ScrollBox1;
    NDRStream := MeinNDRStream;

 MeinNDRStream.Position := 0;
// here I use the report again for rendering into a pdf-file
// without regenerate it again ...  
  // with RenderPage you can define a page and only 
  // this page is   rendered:

To navigate in your report you have the following possibilities:

  RvRenderPreview1.LastPage := RvRenderPreview1.Pages;
  RvRenderPreview1.FirstPage := 0;

Here you get the total pages outside Rave:

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Joseph Trapani hat gesagt…

Since you seem very familar with RAVE, I have a question.

Is it possible to load a preexisting PDF file and Print it (setting the paper size, printer, and orientation) through using any RAVE components?

thomas pfister hat gesagt…

sorry, this isn't available, but I can recommend the new PDFToolkit from There is this possible.

melphis hat gesagt…

Thomas, thank for you for exists, I love you!!!!!

Washi hat gesagt…


what would be the best way to implement a print function in a custom preview form?

prints it, but several questions would be still open, e.g. printer selection, or printing only page 1...
Michael Bickel

Anonym hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm from Brazil,
and come with this little note congratulating you looked all over the internet on Rave and only succeeded in showing you a simple way what I needed, I am poor have few resources (money) and I'm learning to program because of people like you and with the help of God, I am very grateful that you would give me a hand one way forward, parameters, so that I can develop further, something like handouts, tips, tricks. Something that makes me Evolve, Thanks Again!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Very nicce!

Anonym hat gesagt…

When is the data selected that needs to print to pdf?