Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2008

Rave 8 is around the corner...

After a long time of development is the version 8 of Rave very soon ready (or RTM-ready..).

There are some new, exciting features in the version:

- A new debugger for scripts in your visual reports
- Native charting components and classes for both code based and visual reports
- Report Summary expert to print out the contents of your visual report designs
- Properties on mirrored components can now be overridden for even more reuse flexibility

With Rave 8 have Nevrona Designs to Rave BEX version available:
Rave 8 Developer and Architect

The developer edition is like the old BEX-version Rave 7. Rave Reports Architect will further include a license to ship an end user version of the Rave Reports visual designer with your applications (EUDL) and an unlimited user version of the Rave Reports Server.

Rave 8 will support Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, C++Builder 4, 5 & 6, BDS 2005, 2006 and RAD Studio 2007.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Didn't you mention in a training in Dezember 2007 that Nevrona works on a new designer for Rave? I was a little bit disappointed that it is not includes in Rave 8. Beside, the information on Rave 8 is pretty poor on Nevronas website. Maybe someone tells them that this website needs an update urgently - the content is old and the look of the website is it as well.
Achim Hubert, Frankfurt/Main

Anonym hat gesagt…

I really have the same opinion as Achim Hubert. I took my some time, to decide to buy Rave 8 (because of the very unprofessional website) and not to give another report tool a chance. Beside that: I have to pay this product online by credit card (accepting a incorrect certificate) and must wait for a shipped box? There should be option to buy a download.

I hope I won't repent my buy!

thomas pfister hat gesagt…

Jim from Nevrona Designs have posted yesterday in the newsgroups the following:

Hello all,

The status of Nevrona is that we're still very much here but have been so swamped recently it's been hard to keep communications up to where we should and I apologize for that. As many of you know our main server took a dump a while back and really threw us for a loop schedule wise. This server wasn't just our website but also email, support system, databases, source code control, newsgroups and several other hosted services. While all the data was backed up converting to a new server using SQL Server 2005 instead of SQL Server 2000 introduced many problems for the website software and internal applications.

On top of that we were trying to keep productive on our Unicode conversion and development of new features for Rave 8. We're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and appreciate the patience of our customers as we prepare for a release of a beta for Rave 8 in the first week of August if not earlier. Thanks for your support, we should be back to normal here soon.

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well I've sent email after email the last 3-4 days and not even a response that they received it. There's a bug in Rave 7.6.1 with Bitmaps and Metafiles and I can't even get them to respond ... SAD ! I have start testing FastReports and I can say that I'm impressed so far, their scripting is FAR better than Rave. If I going to spend money somewhere ... it'll be with someone that I think will still be in business. I'm not sure that Nevrona will be ... their server crashed in 6/2008 and this is almost 2/2009 and their website is a mess and NO response to emails :(


Unknown hat gesagt…

Where is Rave 8.0? Does they toke the many and running away?