Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007

Quality of software-products...Excel 2007

Today I read the blog from an employee from Microsoft about the Excel-2007 bug.
We're in the year 2007, the excel is not new and Microsoft isn't an one-developer-company and there is a problem like this, crazy or ??
A lot of delphi-developers are in a small team or one-man-"team" only and if they develop applications and there is a bug inside, no one will accept this... is a bug from Microsoft more accepted ?!

I have a very good book at home with the name "code complete" from Steve McConnell, this is a good book about software construction... there is a 2nd edition available and I recommend this book (I admit that I only know the 1st edition (yeah with Pascal example instead of C#-examples, but I think the 2nd edition is good, too) for every developer. It's available on amazon, too.

Will the ALM-way avoid this type of bug ?? I don't know ......

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