Donnerstag, 27. September 2007

EKON11 / EuroDevCon

I'm back from my 10th EKON (I missed only the EKON 2001) and it was a great conference for me. The number of attendes was smaller then the last conferences. Talking with a lot of friends and attendes is everytime interest. I made my two sessions and both are with 40-50 attendes.
Nick Hodges from CodeGear have made a great job on the keynote and have made good explanations about the public roadmap and the news in the next versions, but all without any promises, of course.
He talked about Delphi, no surprise and about BlackfishSQL, the new database from CodeGear, ready for both frameworks: .net and .java.

In this area there was one very interesting message: CodeGear haven't forget the set-based databases, meaning the good old and still alive BDE is alive. Okay, if I have understand Nick correct, there isn't a BDE V 6.0 in the lab, but update based on BlackFish SQL: The result could be some compatible TTable/TQuery-component which allow the the table" browsing like a long time ago with Paradox and dBase.
I showed the dbx4-framework and hope to transfer the bascis of the new architecture of dbx4 from the database-team in Scotts Valley with possibilites like Delegate dbxTrace and dbxPooling;
I visited Olaf Moniens session about IntraWeb ehm "VCL for the web". IW is an interesting Tool, and if I have understood Olaf correct, especially for creating web-applications and not web-sites like content-mangement-system.
I think I'll look with my RAD Studio in the next few month more into this tool and especially into reporting with IW.
On the 2nd day I made my "Reporting with Delphi2007" session and showed the Rave 7.5.2 BE version in the RAD Studio 2007. There was a lot of QR-users and I think some of them think now about a move to Rave because it's with more features and with complete support of vcl and
-> with the word I remember my "private Rave session" with Holger Flick in the afternoon. Holger have prepared a session about ECO and Blackfish and we optimized the report and included the covers on the report, changed the MemoryMode of the RvSystem because the report consume a lot of memory to create the NDR-file and using the power of GlobalPages.
Perhaps Holger is a new fan of Rave Reporting ?
After some interesting talks with attendes about Rave and documenation and tips&tricks like a cookbook I announce here my plan:
I started a long time ago with writing of a Rave-Book. Started with Rave 4 and over Rave 5 (with a chapter of Rave for Kylix, installed and used on a linux-system on my old workstation "HP Kayak XW Pro" with a Pentium Pro 200 )) to the latest release Rave 7. Beside Rave there all the other 3rd-party-stuff, like Gnostice, esbconsult and other described. Rave Server 5 and 7 is included and the mystery of Rave Scripting (not yet finished (80% complete in this area). And a chapter about IntraWeb and Rave will go into the project, too. I'll go over the and hope some Rave-developers will get knowledge of my Rave-experience of the last 9 years.
There is only one small print info: the 1st edtion is available in German-language only.

Neal and Ray made a great session about Polyglot programming and effective user design on the 2nd day of the conference. The session was very, very interesting; funny and attractive talking of both speakers and I took some great ideas home.

Thanks to all where I met and talked about Rave, Delphi and a lot of other stuff and Masoud an this team for the good organisation of the conference.
See you all on the next EKON - 12 in Frankfurt again!

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