Freitag, 31. August 2007

The Power of Rave

the headline remembers me on Huey Lewis and the news hit "the power of love" a long time ago .... but back to Rave.
I'm sometimes read and answer Rave-questions in the nevrona-newsgroups and yesterday I found an interesting thread from a Rave-User:

Re: Order is important!!

".... Lastly, I've used both Crystal and Rave, and I gotta say, I wish more people
could see just how awesome a product Rave is. And how much more power you
have with Rave.

Christian Wilkerson"

thanks Christian for this!

I'm a TeamNevrona-member and when we say "Rave have power and is a phantastic product for reporting" is this not the same like other developers who works with Rave because the people think we must only talk positive about a product...
I work with Rave round about 10 years and I've realized all my reporting-issues with Rave.. and on my consulting-work on many companies (from small to really big companies) in europe (with Delphi, Rave and databases like Oracle) I can't remember any report-issue that the reporting - engine from Nevrona don't create with success.
Yeah, I haven't wrote "Rave" because Nevrona have two report engines, one is visual: Rave and the other one is code-based: Report Printer Pro, available since April 1995, two month later then the first Delphi Release!
And if the report design is too complex for a visual report then you can do it all in Pascal-code inside your Delphi-Application. You'll find a good demo in the Rave-folder.
On the are good information about this report-solution and on CodeGear-Network page is another good introduction from Leonel about code-based reporting...


Anonym hat gesagt…

RAVE is essentially dead.
They are so slow to get any products out, it is nothing short of scary depending on that company's product.

I predict they will go under soon. Other companies will take (whatever share of) the market from them - especially other companies that keep their products up to date and actually look like there is a long-term chance they'll survive.

Anonym hat gesagt…

ah, now I see...
You'll never let any REAL COMMENTS about Rave through. No surprise. This is even more reason why they will go under.