Dienstag, 15. Mai 2007

Rave 8

I found an interesting information about Rave (Monday, 7. Mai 2007 18:26) in the nevrona-newsgroups from Jim Gunkel, the CEO of Nevrona Designs:

"We're all alive and healthy here working on Rave Reports 8 which is shaping
up to be one of our biggest releases in a long time. Some of the new
features include docking and restructuring of the tool windows within the
designer, band logic revamp and an exciting new template system integrated
with a new 2-way report wizard.

More details on these and the other new things will follow as we get closer
to Rave Reports 8 release. We're not giving out any timeframes yet but stay
posted (I can tell you that anyone that orders Rave 7 now will get a free
update to Rave 8 when it's released).

great news !

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