Montag, 9. April 2007

Rave BEX 7.05 is available

After a long time of waiting Nevrona Designs have published the 7.05 version of Rave SE and Rave BEX. Beside a lot of small changes and fixes there are two interesting features now included:

They have added RenderBitmap/RenderJPEG/RenderMetafile components and the ability to compile scripting from Delphi code.

The rendercomponents works like the well known html- and pdf-components, of course. The compile scripting is really cool. To compile code that is already there it's as simple as calling RvProject1.ProjMan.Compile.
I'll prepare a first-step tutorial about Rave Scripting in the next few month and publish it on the stay tuned!

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thomas pfister hat gesagt…

the "first steps" with rave-scripting aren't ready.. things.take.time. and other big projects don't allowed to spend time in this area at the moment :-( thomas